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March 26, 2010

24 Hour chairs – A metaphor.

by Savvy

A special friend and I are going to start building. We don’t know what yet, but with an architectural background and some unwanted wood there’s lots to play with.

24 Hour Chairs is a project by Andy Hall designed to act as a metaphor for a full day’s work of making. Each hour consisted of drawing, designing and building a chair prototype. Andy Hall describes the project as ‘unpacking the hour‘ – highlighting how much we can achieve in a day if we unpacked all the hours. I have fought between laziness and productivity for years, and as much as I love sleep and pillows (and I do love sleep), exhaustion caused by an overworked brain is much preferred for my sanity than the  luring appeal of soft things and relaxation, aka time wasting. It’s hard most times to rid myself of that heavy lazy indulgence but the truth is I’d much rather be making things.

Complete set from the HallMfg. Pop-Up Art Loop exhibition “24, hour chairs” in Chicago from 1/22/2010 to 3/5/2010, material provided by ReBuilding Exchange‘: here.
Working drawings: here.

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March 8, 2010

Photograph-of-Nature Vs Human V.2.0.

by Savvy


Possibly my favourite thing this week:

Found Fuctions – – Nikki Graziano

I cannot express my love in words.

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March 8, 2010

“Persistent Pyramids”.

by Savvy

My sister has an obsession with [many things, being an artist] things that point skywards, mounds, in nature and man made. In my research one day i came across two things that reminded me of something similar, and saw what other ‘artists’ [i put artist in”s because aren’t we all artists in our own right?] have done with similar natural phenomena.

This set on Flickr is some digital collage manipulation like i haven’t seen before, as if reality is malleable and the result is something clever and surreal.

Persistent Pyramids – – Anatoly Zenkov

[As i don’t speak russian [YET] i have no idea what is going on on his website here but i still successfully entertained myself.]

March 4, 2010

Animal 6th sense.

by Savvy

Daniel Arsham’s Animal Architecture drawings.
i love them all so much.

a)because i love etching,
b)because i love animals and
c)because they are etchings of animals (see b) and floating geometrical shapes. FLOATING. SHAPES.
the juxtaposition of these objects within a natural environment emphasises the contrast between them and highlights the fact that these objects are un-natural? hence defying nature and its laws, such as gravity?

the piece each uses this traditional etching-like technique to portray  pieces of modernist architectural ruins next to animals and lush nature. the animals in each piece are used by arsham to portray what he calls a ‘post-human quality’.” – – you got that right.

‘kangaroo’ by daniel arsham, 2009 (gouache on mylar), courtesy of galerie emmanuel perrotin, paris

intrigued kangaroo stopping to consider this strange object

‘donkey’ by daniel arsham, 2009 (gouache on mylar), courtesy of galerie emmanuel perrotin, paris

silly donkey side-eyeing the reflections

‘owl’ by daniel arsham, 2009 (gouache on mylar), courtesy of galerie emmanuel perrotin, paris

freaky hovering owl chillaxing

‘fox’ by daniel arsham, 2010 (gouache on mylar), courtesy of galerie emmanuel perrotin, paris

sneaky fox most probably about to pounce – – definitely my favourite

‘ostrich’ by daniel arsham, 2010 (gouache on mylar), courtesy of galerie emmanuel perrotin, paris

very confused ostrich about to poke object.

March 3, 2010


by Savvy

Mixing kaleidoscope with anything = pretty.
mixing kaleidoscope with letters = who would’ve thunk it? pretty.

More by Katerina Orlikova — The Raven. 14 postcards of BCN.

March 2, 2010

All i want now;;;

by Savvy

is some Rem Koolhaas heels.

I don’t know if it’s a good idea for architects to be designing or collaborating in the making of shoes and/or other wearable products, but I would like my very own Möbius strip on my feet.

March 1, 2010

For the AIDS generation.

by Savvy

Architecture: Koji Tsutsui – Japan
Photographs by Iwan Baan – Architectural Photographer

In a region often considered as the birthplace of HIV, where families are led either by grandparents or by 14years old ‘big’ brothers, where a whole generation has been erased by AIDS, the orphanage is home to 87 kids with ages up to 15 years. Another approximately 200 children attend the school on a regular basis, commuting to this otherwise surreally beautiful place“.

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