24 Hour chairs – A metaphor.

by Savvy

A special friend and I are going to start building. We don’t know what yet, but with an architectural background and some unwanted wood there’s lots to play with.

24 Hour Chairs is a project by Andy Hall designed to act as a metaphor for a full day’s work of making. Each hour consisted of drawing, designing and building a chair prototype. Andy Hall describes the project as ‘unpacking the hour‘ – highlighting how much we can achieve in a day if we unpacked all the hours. I have fought between laziness and productivity for years, and as much as I love sleep and pillows (and I do love sleep), exhaustion caused by an overworked brain is much preferred for my sanity than the  luring appeal of soft things and relaxation, aka time wasting. It’s hard most times to rid myself of that heavy lazy indulgence but the truth is I’d much rather be making things.

Complete set from the HallMfg. Pop-Up Art Loop exhibition “24, hour chairs” in Chicago from 1/22/2010 to 3/5/2010, material provided by ReBuilding Exchange‘: here.
Working drawings: here.

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