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December 11, 2009

Fractals and chaos.

by Savvy

by Julie Tremblay, sculptor.

A perfomance piece in the busiest plaza in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The performance was meant as a living sculpture. a choreography inspired by fractal geometry and chaos theory“.

Fractal: A complex geometric pattern exhibiting self-similarity in that small details of its structure viewed at any scale repeat elements of the overall pattern.

Chaos theory: the existence of recurring patterns, even for what appears at first to be chaotic, which appear in forms that bind the world and the universe together.

The performers, in their umbrella spheres, followed a definite, recurring geometric pattern that first divided them before re-uniting them, before re-dividing them and so on, over a period of one and a half hour. The structure of the choreography met the seemingly un-structured movement of the crowd, which unassumingly became a part of the performance, by juxtaposing their flow to that of the choreography. The movements of the performers and their interactions with the “umbrella-spheres” opened up to wealth of metaphors, from birth to death and just about everything in between, where the spectator was welcome to create his/her own story“.


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