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December 16, 2009


by Savvy

Time for another Katie Paterson.

Langjökull, Snæfellsjökull, Solheimajökull.

Are you wondering what these three long, pretty, almost undecipherable(to meager human beings like I) words are? These are the names of my future triplets.
They will look like this:

Three glacier ice records, played until they melt.


Sound recordings from three glaciers in Iceland, pressed into three records, cast, and frozen with the meltwater from each of these glaciers, and played on three turntables until they completely melt“.


December 15, 2009

House of Cards.

by Savvy

Who knows what the inside of Thom Yorke’s face looks like?
I do!

My new toy. Playing with data + Radiohead = Amazing.

Just press play.

aaronkoblin – the King.
or play on google code.
watch the making and other
and if you don’t like playing(weirdo), just watch the video.

“Just data”.

No cameras or lights were used. Instead two technologies were used to capture 3D images:Geometric Informatics and Velodyne LIDAR. Geometric Informatics scanning systems produce structured light to capture 3D images at close proximity, while a Velodyne Lidar system that uses multiple lasers is used to capture large environments such as landscapes. In this video, 64 lasers rotating and shooting in a 360 degree radius 900 times per minute produced all the exterior scenes”.

Data. The global archive.

In the same way that a photograph is a memory, so is a video or a movie shot from certain angles. If you were trying to figure out what was slightly to the left of the object or person you recorded, you probably wouldn’t be able to; because you wouldn’t know. Maybe you didn’t notice or maybe you just forgot. Or maybe the footage that contained that information didn’t make the final cut.

When you remember your dreams, my boyfriend claims, you are creating a memory there and then.
Whatever you remember is your memory, that was your dream, that is your movie. If you try to remember something you didn’t see, it probably wasn’t there. Do our eyes take in more than a camera? Or more than a laser? Or more than a sensor? Or is too much information being sent to the brain instantaneously, too many distractions, limited storage space? Are too many things being overlooked?
If the world around us begins to be recorded in data, nothing will be lost. It is not creating a memory, it is re-creating an experience.

December 11, 2009

São Paulo, Brazil.

by Savvy

Cube house, by AR Arquitetos

i love this: simple plans, small house, max space, clean, gardens, cool stair, the sky, an office/library.


December 11, 2009

Fractals and chaos.

by Savvy

by Julie Tremblay, sculptor.

A perfomance piece in the busiest plaza in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The performance was meant as a living sculpture. a choreography inspired by fractal geometry and chaos theory“.

Fractal: A complex geometric pattern exhibiting self-similarity in that small details of its structure viewed at any scale repeat elements of the overall pattern.

Chaos theory: the existence of recurring patterns, even for what appears at first to be chaotic, which appear in forms that bind the world and the universe together.

The performers, in their umbrella spheres, followed a definite, recurring geometric pattern that first divided them before re-uniting them, before re-dividing them and so on, over a period of one and a half hour. The structure of the choreography met the seemingly un-structured movement of the crowd, which unassumingly became a part of the performance, by juxtaposing their flow to that of the choreography. The movements of the performers and their interactions with the “umbrella-spheres” opened up to wealth of metaphors, from birth to death and just about everything in between, where the spectator was welcome to create his/her own story“.


recycled metal:

Reflections nos. 3 and 5, 2008

wax and other:

Divers, wax, 2011-2006


Walking on The Wild Side, 2003

December 10, 2009

I heart stars.

by Savvy

Attention, soldiers.

This is by far one of my favourite (despite the fact that I dislike that word), artists. Katie Paterson, I want your job.
Ultimate. That’s the word.

The following is taken from her simple yet elegant website,

All the Dead Stars —
A map documenting the locations of just under 27,000 dead stars – all that have been recorded and observed by humankind.

More greatness from Katie Paterson later.

December 10, 2009

I say rubbish, you say art!

by Savvy

Newspapers, magazine clippings, bits of images on papier. These two clever artists know an oppurtunity to make something when they see it. “One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure“.

Matt Bryans

This chap rubs out and distorts images on newspapers to create this…

and this…



Chris Jones

This dude is probably insane. In the best possible way.